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Titanic fans rejoice! Show your fandom in one of our quality 100% cotten, pre-shrunk tees, sizes XS to XXL. Post will be in a 500g satchel at usual rate. Help others to understand the dangers of travel at night when there's ice about & a shortage of lifeboats. View more info

Painted Ships - Painted Oceans

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Price: $30.00

Publisher: Sydney, Australian National Maritime Museum: 2001

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 000757

Printed for the first exhibition of art and artefacts at the Australian National Maritime Museum The book icludes a history of the Watefront of Sydney, Aborigianl Art, whaling and the Clipper Age, Australian Ship Artists and a Catalogue of all exhibits. View more info


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Publisher: Fracois et Rudolphe CHAMONAL:

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Very Good/Good condition. A book catalogue, focusing on nineteenth and twentieth century french publications, about voyages and the sea. View more info


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Publisher: Collins: 1956

Edition: Reprint

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Very Good/Good condition. View more info

Ken Marschall's Art of Titanic

By: Archbold, Rick

Price: $130.00

Publisher: Australia, Allen & Unwin: 1998

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1.6 kilos of Titanic-abilia, 160 crisp white oblong pp (30w X 28h), a first class cabin full of illustration & photos. The story of the Titanic has mesmerized the world & Ken Marschall has shown the world what the Titanic looked like. His breathtakingly accurate paintings of the legendary liner -- both in its majestic glory about to set sail on its maiden voyage and the haunting images of a ship in ruins -- have won accolades from fans around the world.Ken Marschall's Ar... View more info

The Sailing Yacht

By: Baader, Juan

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Publisher: London, Adlard Coles Ltd, London: 1965

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A comprehensive study of all aspects of yachting design, its history and techniques., the developments in hull forms, rig, sails, stability etc. From racing dinghies to large ocean going yachts, multihulls, heavy weather, self steering, sail cloths etc. 392pp, lots of bw photos & illust. Jacket really good, intact, clean & protect.wrap View more info

Everyman for Himself

By: Bainbridge, Beryl

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Publisher: UK, Duckworth: 1996

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224 perfect white pp hold the plot of this novel & if after reading you're inclined to a more detailed look at the ship herself we have several books along those lines & even a "Titanic Lifeboat Crew" t-shirt! review >>> This was simply brilliant. The writing was so powerful I had tears in my eys at the end. I thought the plot was very clever. Frequently (but not too frequently) it foreshadowed the end, but in a subtle and poignant way. The characters were also... View more info

Simply Fish

By: Baker, Jenny

Price: $17.00

Publisher: Faber & Faber, London: 1988

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Basic fish cookery, on how to select, identify and cook all types of fish. B+W line drawings. 333 pages. enthusiastic review > I would strongly recommend this recipe book to anyone who wants to eat more fish. Whilst Rick Stein has managed to catch the nation's imagination and encourage a renaissance in seafood cuisine, and for encyclopedic knowledge I would recommend Jane Grigson's Fish Book, what Jenny Baker has managed to do is collect a book full of delicious recipes ... View more info

The Bitter Sea: The Struggle for Mastery in the Mediterranean 1935-1949

By: Ball, Simon

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Publisher: Harper Press: 2009

Seller ID: 010740

A lucid and masterly biography of the Mediterranean during a time of war, from Mussolini’s audacious bid for conquest to the creation of Israel and the start of the Cold War. The Bitter Sea is a fascinating interpretation of world affairs and a significant contribution to twentieth century history. With incisive strategic and political analysis, Simon Ball demonstrates in this dramatic narrative how the Mediterranean Sea lay at the heart of recent world history. 380pp,... View more info


By: Barber N.F.

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Publisher: Wykeham Publications (london) Ltd.: 1969

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Very Good/Good condition. View more info


By: Bartimeus

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Publisher: The Childrens Press: 1958

Edition: first Thus

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Very Good condition. View more info


By: Baumgardt Rudolph

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Publisher: Les Editions Denoel: 1943

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Good condition. View more info


By: Bawlf Samuel

Price: $58.00

Publisher: Douglas & McIntyre: 2003

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 007267

Very Good condition. Samuel Bawlf provides a detailed and insightful account of Sir Francis Drake's mysterious voyage, that Queen Elizabeth I herself hushed up herself on pain of death to all who sailed with Drake. View more info


By: Bedford Eric

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Publisher: The Currawong Press:

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Good condition. View more info

Boat building techniques Illustrated

By: Birmingham, Richard

Price: $40.00

Publisher: UK, Adlard Coles Ltd, London: 1985

Seller ID: 010186

Sound woodworking skills are essential when building a boat from scratch or just completing a hull, whether it is made of steel, aluminum, GRP or any form of wooden construction. This highly illustrated book will help any aspiring boat builder decide what materials and tools to use and how to use them. Richard Birmingham's classic text covers the wide range of techniques and skills needed when constructing a boat, from interpreting the plans to hints on working different... View more info